Exclusuve for men!!! TOP Proven Signs That Show She Is H’orny, Wet & Needs You In Bed

#10. She gives you personal answers to questions you ask or gives alot of personal information during conversation (values, reasured life experiences, etc.) when you haven’t known her for that long.

#11. She grins/smiles alot while you’re talking to her. I’m talking flirty smile not hyperactive show­ ALL­your­ teeth smile, though that can mean she’s either a crazy bit’ch or an EXTREMELY h0rny girl.

#12. If she’s with her group of friends and her back is facing you, and her friends keep looking back and forth between you and her. Sometimes girls do this where they want to know if you’re checking them out but have their friends do it so they don’t have to be caught checking you out.
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