Here’s what to do if your c0nd0m tears mid-way!Of The Act

This isn’t unnatural or uncommon, there are times when a c0nd0m can tear mid-way while having s3x or when you are at the peak of your action. The most common reason for a c0ndm to tear is a wrongly worn condom or if the c0nd0m is way past its expiry date. And when this happens, you might not be in control of the moment to avoid an ej@culation. Many times couples are not even aware of a c0nd0m tearing, until after they have had s3x. Remember, a c0nd0m tear does not only put a woman at risk of unwanted pr3gnancy, but it also makes a man susceptible to various types of STDs. If your condom breaks mid-way here are few things that can be done:


  1. If you are aware that the c0nd0m tore, take control of the situation and stop ej@culating. Because this would mean raising the risk of pr3gnancy. This might need you to control your emotions when at its peak but trust it will save you from other problems later. Here are three other things to do when you have unprotected s3x.