• ALOE VERA not only has a soothing feeling, but has anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and healing properties too. You should massage some gel on the infected area with a cotton wool or a soft tissue. Practice this treatment three times a day, and once it gets better reduce the application to once a day.
  • WITCH HAZEL can be found in the form of distillate water, oil or whatsoever. Yet applying it on the infected area, at least three times a day can reduce the inflammation and swelling in time.
  • TO EAT THE RIGHT FOOD is also essential. You should include fresh and raw fruits and veggies full with fibers. This will soften the stool and at the same time prevent hemorrhoids from appearing too. At the same time prevent I B S and diarrhea.
  • HYDRATE YOUR BODY will also prevent the stool from hardening. since not only they will make you feel bloated, but are high in caffeine and can lead to dehydration. Drink lemon water or add oranges to your water in order to flavor it.
  • Taking a half tablespoon of NUTMEG prior going to bed, and first thing in the morning was proven to be beneficial for patients with hemorrhoids, having healing properties.
  • At the same time, EXERCISING on a regular basis will enhance the bowel movement and improve the digestion, meaning that it can help and prevent hemorrhoids to appear.

Practice these simple steps and prevent your body from the painful experience in treating hemorrhoids. It’s always better to prevent it on time than heal it later.

But if the situation runs out of control, then it’s always better to look towards the alternative medicine and follow some of our above provided ways of treatments.

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G T M.