Seven Unbelievable facts about Bra’ that will leave your mouth unclosed (check it out)

6. Your body is changing constantly, and so is your bra size. Here’s a shocker: “Bra size can change three to six times a year,” notes Zaccario. “So we ask our guests to stop by the store at least every six months to see if they’re wearing the proper size.” Your bra size can vary due to many factors, including weight gain or loss, medication, especially if it contains hormones, or menstruation. “In women going through menopause, breasts can enlarge and can grow up to two cup sizes,” explains Zaccario.

7. Even your bra needs a day off. Zaccario notes that the same bra should not be worn two days in a row. “The elastic should have at least one day off in between wearings,” she says. “This prevents the band from stretching out too quickly.” Zaccario also recommends washing bras with a lingerie-safe detergent in cold water.

Unlike diamonds, bras aren’t forever. If you have at least three bras in your wardrobe—and really, you should have at least that in rotation—expect your bra to last about a year to a year and a half. “The best advice is when you are wearing your bra on the tightest hook for more than three to four weeks, the bra has reached the end of its supportive life,” adds Zaccario. Bra funeral not required.