Seven Unbelievable facts about Bra’ that will leave your mouth unclosed (check it out)

3. Many women think bra straps provide most of the breast support. In truth, it’s the band that does the heavy lifting. “Our engineer found that almost 90 percent of the support comes from the band and not the shoulder straps,” says Lisa Zaccario, store manager at the Paramus, New Jersey location of Intimacy, which has boutiques throughout the U.S. that offer professional bra fittings and designer bras. “Most women will have better posture when wearing the proper-size bra because if the back band is loose, the weight of the breasts is shifted to the shoulder strap.” This can pull the body forward and cause you to slouch, especially if you have a full bust.

“The straps provide a little extra lift,” says Dawn Kenney, lingerie brand Wacoal’s national consultant manager. “But if the bra fits properly, you should be able to slide your straps off your shoulder and not see any loss of support.