Seven Unbelievable facts about Bra’ that will leave your mouth unclosed (check it out)

Men and Women would start wondering what the content of this article could be really talking about but for a fact you need to know as a woman that your bra has a lot more danger to your breasts especially for those who are always on bra regularly.Your bra’s sole purpose in life is to support you and lift you up—kind of like a best friend for your breasts. But women don’t always choose their bras as carefully as their friends.Continue reading to see more…

1. A lot of women don’t take the time to find their right fit,” says Ashley Kelsch, founder and bra stylist of online luxury lingerie store, Teddies for Bettys. In fact, a May 2005 worldwide study by lingerie manufacturer Wacoal found that eight out of 10 women are wearing a bra that’s the wrong size. “If you’re going to wear the wrong size bra,” Kelsch says, “it will not be able to provide the necessary lift to your b0 obs. They will sag due to gravity’s effect.”

Talk about a downer. Want tips on finding the perfect fit? Get them here. In the meantime, find out more fascinating facts about this wardrobe essential.

2. After trying on bras you discover you’re a size 34D in one brand and a 36C in another—what gives? Let’s set the record straight. “Bra cup size is a very subjective measurement to begin with,” says William Bruno, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills. “There is no standardization of cup sizes among bra manufacturers.” For example, different brands may define a “C” cup differently. “Because of this, women may wear a certain size from one place and feel this is the same size they should wear when shopping at all stores,” says Bruno. Rather than getting stuck on wearing a particular size, Bruno recommends focusing on finding the bra fit that works best for your bust. “It could be a ‘C’ at Victoria’s Secret and a ‘B’ at their local department store,” he says.